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Swag Socks: Tube socks (preferably the brand of Nike) with the combination of slider sandals or vans shoes.
"Hey man! I really like those swocks!"
by Swagginator August 16, 2012
14 0
A combination of the words sweaty and cock.
Two things in this world go hand in hand...swass and swock.
by K-bone Schneidhouse January 02, 2008
5 5
A small amount of something. A cluster.
Can you hand me that swock of clothes hangers?
by creamTangeriine May 11, 2011
2 3
A Sweaty cock.

a term of endearment for a friend or a horrific surprise.
Ew, he didnt even warn me of the swock!

You know i love ya, you silly swock.

by RandomChaos March 04, 2009
3 5