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Irish slang for arse (swiss roll - hole) as in up your swiss
Word for jelly roll outside America. Jelly roll, used in jazz circles as slang for sex, intercourse, female genitals

See also Swiss cake role
Swiss Roll: "Jelly roll killed my pappy, and run my mother stone blind"
by trust_44 October 29, 2005
When a man is getting a blow job and he throws up on his dick and the girl continues to blow him
Dude that Swiss Roll last night really hit the spot after a night of getting schwasty. I was back at the bar minutes later!
by Cialis July 02, 2011
When one is finished taking a shit he/she wipes without ripping the toilet paper and proceeds to roll the toilet paper back up, thus leaving a shitty surprise for the next user.
Charlie: hey why do your fingers smell like shit?
Alex: oh I got Swiss rolled by Ian.
by Poopyfinger December 02, 2015
The mixture of semen and feces that comes about from taking a shit on a woman's chest, tit-fucking her, and then climaxing into the center of the shit.
"Dude, Check out this video -
Ellen Degeneres totally ate his swiss roll!"
by MaccabeeWarrior August 01, 2012
A Swiss roll is when a white women in black face is the center of a bukakke and when it is over everyone shits on her as she rolls around.
That was the nastiest Swiss roll I have ever seen.
by McGree February 09, 2010
An endearing and charming young man of european descent who makes your life a heaven to live. He gives you happiness in the most beautiful ways often through his compassionate letters of care and you always love to be in his company. As soon as he enters a room he brings light, bright light into your space and sweetness trails along with him. He spreads an aura of love and you fall in love with him immediately. He gives plenty and sometimes you feel so terrible when you can't be there with him all the time and lovingly give him gift him with jam for this swiss roll. The luckiest person in a swissroll's life is the person who he chooses as his cookiepie because he doesn't cease to amaze her with his amazingness and jam. Cookiepies should feel extremely blessed. Swissroll is the most amazing and falling deeply in love is definitely a symptoms of his sweet and awesome presence in your life.
cookiepies are the luckiest creatures on the planet to have a Swissroll in their life.

cookiepie number juan juan nyne: "i love you, SwissRoll"
by cookie<3.* June 18, 2010
sticking ur dick up a girlassthen blowing ur load
when u take it out it will look like a swiss roll brown on the side white in the middle
girl: keep doing me
guy: ok but i have to giev u a swiss roll
girl:make it quick
guy: ok
by richard finkler May 05, 2007
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