1) A virus contracted from Mexicans, pigs, Mexican pigs, and rich kids who went south of the border for Spring Break.

2) A disease similar to bird flu, SARS, and West Nile, in the sense that it is hyped up by the media to be an epidemic, and turns out only killing a few people.

3) When the police show up unexpectedly to ruin fun. Adapted from pig, a term for the police.
1) Rick Kid 1: "I think I got syphilis on that trip to Cancun."
Rick Kid 2: "At least it's not swine flu."

2) News Anchor: "Five more people have been diagnosed with swine flu. Run for your fucking lives."

3) Cop: "Police! Open up!"
Homeowner: "Looks like we got a case of the swine flu."
by Swinenator7 April 28, 2009
Just another one of those things the media makes more big of a deal out of than it really is.

by Giovanni Mann May 02, 2009
90 people die from Swine Flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. Millions of people die from AIDS and nobody wants to wear a condom.
Swine flu is just like any other fucking flu. Get over yourselves.
by LOL DANIELLE May 09, 2009
Just another one of the governments experiments on population contol. See AIDS and Taco Bell.
The government realized that the population was getting too large, and would cause people to starve. In an effort to aviod this, they created the virus AIDS. Well, that dosen't kill enough people, so then they created Taco Bell, but thats not killing as much as it is causing diareaha. Aha! They have a new idea. They created the Swine Flu virus and blamed it on Mexico! It's a win-win! (Or is it?)

Wash your hands, and keep clean. Don't be another victim of the government.
by Dewit April 30, 2009
A seemingly understated epidemic that will claim OVER 9000 bodies. Grab the shotguns, this is going to be a zombie war.

Zombie hunter: Whats the swine flu count up to?
Zombie hunter2: OVER 9000!!!!!
by xmoofyx April 29, 2009
A type of flu, that despite being around for decades and having periodic flare ups that kill relatively few people, is somehow the new supervirus that is going to destroy humanity.

The media's ability to blow this out of proportion rates somewhere between Y2K and WMD in Iraq.
The media has talked nonstop about swine flu for months despite it being less severe and less deadly than the seasonal flu.

Recommended treatment for swine flu: Sprite, chicken soup, and low dose Tylenol.

Jerry caught swine flu! He might not be back to work until Thursday!

You have a greater chance of dying in a car accident on your way to get your swine flu shot than of dying from swine flu.
by Agactual October 23, 2009
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