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1) A virus contracted from Mexicans, pigs, Mexican pigs, and rich kids who went south of the border for Spring Break.

2) A disease similar to bird flu, SARS, and West Nile, in the sense that it is hyped up by the media to be an epidemic, and turns out only killing a few people.

3) When the police show up unexpectedly to ruin fun. Adapted from pig, a term for the police.
1) Rick Kid 1: "I think I got syphilis on that trip to Cancun."
Rick Kid 2: "At least it's not swine flu."

2) News Anchor: "Five more people have been diagnosed with swine flu. Run for your fucking lives."

3) Cop: "Police! Open up!"
Homeowner: "Looks like we got a case of the swine flu."
by Swinenator7 April 28, 2009
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