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a rigorous activity that hard-core swimmers take part in. often involving a large amount of pain and lack of breathing. Also involving a "Coach" that screeches that you are not reaching your full potential. Speedoes are necessary at swim practice.
sorry, i cannot attend your hopping shin-dig, for i must go to swim practice!
by cam-bam the ram November 29, 2004
the two hours of the day where our coach pushes us to swim the length of the pool about 100 times or more. afterwards you are tired and feel like you can't breath.
I think i am going to die at swim practice today.
by anounamous March 25, 2007
the worst possible thing one can think of. usually involving a coach named mark that likes to punish you which is slightly offset by the hot girls there. one especially catches my attention. never go to swim practice!!!
swimming sucks balls
by 10 second tom December 14, 2004
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