Originate from Norf Side Raunchdale. Swight is a word to describe how something is so sweet but is yet so right = swight.
Thats so swight.
Swight buddy..
Top Definition
swight=sweet swight is a word that is super swight and it means ur sexy too.
james rae is a swight batch.
by swight batch October 10, 2005
Swight is universal in any sentence, mainly it means Sweet
Do u know how swight you are?
by Mar-D Miclea January 19, 2005
Used in a sarcastic way
your soooo swight you swight mother fucker
by James Rae January 20, 2005
Sweet and Tight at the same time
Man those new Jordans are SWIGHT yo!!
by Timothy Rice December 09, 2006
To get three or more head shots with one clip of a gun in an FPS game.
The Player did a swight and won the game.
by Asterisk(of a Revolution) January 31, 2009
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