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1. The SIMPLE action of being 'Swiggy.' Awesome, Original Swag. Crowned by the Supreme, Meiks B. It represents 'your' style. 'Your' original style. The style of 'you'. 'You' cannot be duplicated, 'you' cannot be cloned. 'You' are the only 'you', and 'you' are actually 'very' Swiggy. 'You' do not 'try' to be cool. 'You' do not 'try' to be 'you'.

You are not a follower, you adapt what you like.

You are no longer just 'chilling', 'cooling out', or 'Swaggin"...You...are now....


2. To simply be you, possibly changing the world for the better with that process. Otherwise, you are possibly swagging, which is in most cases to show off.
"I swag behind the camera, I swag on TV, I swag in the mall, I swag in the club... But when it come time to be real with my self, like in the booth, I be SWIGGIN!" -Soulja Boy

"You think you Swiggin, hater? Welcome to the HIGH LIFE!"
-Meiks B

"Swig is the new Swag." -Chris Brown

#swig #swiggy #swiggin #swigg #swigging swigger
by Angel Werd July 26, 2011
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