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A beautiful girl who is classy, shy, sensitive, patient, and strong willed. People value her for her honesty,intelligence, independence and most of all, for her desire to help others. In spite of her desire to help humanity she doesnt make friends easily and is often misunderstand. Once she decides that someone is worthy of her friendship or love, she becomes a loyal friend or lover, ready to sacrifice everything for her partners and be faithful to them for life.
I know I can count on my best friend to have my back because she's a swiga
by capri211 April 07, 2011
A girl wigger that is a slut or chikenhead.
Patrice aka Ricebag, a white hooker
Ex. Man that girl is a swiga.
A white nigga. Instead of calling a white guy nigga, call them swiga. This is a word mostly used for white rich kids who want to be gangsters.
Did you see that swiga's BMW yesterday?
by greciasmart11 June 03, 2015

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