1. describing a task that was easy, fast, or requires little or no time.
2. describing a person who is able to move at a fast pace.
That test was swiffy!
Damn! He sure is swiffy on the basketball court!
by pseudonym March 29, 2005
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Top Definition
Something that a loverboy loves.
Loverboy: I love her, she's just so swiffy.
Spiffy: Loverboy...
by Spiffy Nipples Poop June 26, 2010
1) When a cute couple is on point
2) When a girl can't breathe because a boy took her breath away.
Alessio: Yo Carl , how swiffy is that couple?

Carl: They're definitely relationship goals.
by Swiffyloverboy January 13, 2015

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