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Amazing. Just amazing.
I wish I was like Swetha.
by qwerty March 21, 2005
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wonderful-absolutely wonderful
You remind me of Swetha-you must be amazing.
by lala March 24, 2005
A Swetha is a gorgeous Indian girl with a heart of gold. She is a fierce dancer and a great friend. She is kind, fabulous, and lovely. She is also outrageously smart, she's a friggin' genius. She's fantastically gorgeous, a total stunner, she's tall and lean-she would be a great model.She is one of the most fun people you could ever wish to meet.

Person 1: "Who's that gorgeous Indian?"
Person 2: "She's a Swetha."
Person 1: "Who's that gorgeous Indian?"
Person 2: "She's a Swetha."
by Jpsoceanbabe June 01, 2009
When one is invariably acting like the the demon child spawn that emerged out of the collective infected blistered vagina of Nancy Grace, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin without their charming good looks. When one is pulling a swetha, they are acting like a piece of shit straight from the gaping sphincter of hell.

Also can be applied to blowjobs. A toothy blowjob where one grips the cock hard and where the tongue feels like sandpaper is said to be a swetha blowjob.
Person 1: *enters room* Who the fuck are you to be here? Who are you, like who even are you? I'm better than you and you can't touch my class. Blowjobs are forever!

Person 2: You cunt bitch, stop pulling a swetha right now, no one gives a shit about your opinions or you.
by xonancygracexo November 08, 2010

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