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Clitoral erection
Omg when he took his shirt off I got a major swelly!
by lily657 November 12, 2010
43 169
(SWELL-E) root word, Swell; to be overpowered with confidence in what you wear, how you talk, how you walk, and how you live. Synonym; Swagger
"Yo did you swee his outfit, he was odee swelly."
by That Kid C-G August 25, 2009
492 78
fresh, dope, fly.
Girl, you so swelly.
105 39
the best keyer in all of runescape. ask him anything and his response is how good his keying is.
Person 1"Hey Swelly whats up?"
Swelly "My Keying is awesome"
by MrDylanX January 30, 2012
10 33
Clitoral erection.
Omg, when he took his shirt off i got a swelly!
by sweetcandysum November 10, 2010
70 187
Perspiration on the stomach area. Usually used to describe an obese person. It is a combination of the words sweat and belly.
"That fat fuck came outta Mickey D's swelly as fuck all!"
by NegativeJZ January 23, 2008
35 187