Fake swag. Swag that is not real or not even there.
Jimmy bought those ratchet ass shoes doe. Dats just sweg bruh.
by JedSwag November 11, 2014
Another meaning of swag could also easily mean Secretly We Eat Gays since swag means Secretly We Are Gay. If a person has sweg it usually means there to stupid to say swag or they eat gay people
1)Damn that gay is so stupid he can't say swag so he says sweg

2)omg there he goes eating another gay person he's got so much sweg
by Penguinsgotswag June 25, 2014
A word the retards use to describe themselves when they are trying to be cool
Hey look its Zach, the "king of sweg."
by Shwagieeee June 09, 2014
A word that describes a person who has STDs and carries around a dildo in there back pocket so when they feel like there running out of sweg they grab the dildo and shove it in there ass to refill on sweg cause there fegs.
Male 1 : "Yo i think im running out of sweg"
Male 2 : "You got have your dildo right?"
Male 1: "Oh yeah, let me fill up my sweg"
Male 1 :*Shoves dildo in his ass with 1 hand and fixes his hat imprinted "YOLO" with the other*
by thebeastisnear304 June 26, 2014
Sweg is a cooler word for swag. It means you are up to date, fashionable, sassy, and sporty, with great style in both areas. You are also talented in a hobby and you are an independent sass queen.
sweggy people are usually loved by many and an amazon person. if you're not sweg, you're not cool.
That girl's shoes are so sweg.
by gym23ar July 08, 2014
Pirate slang for fuck; A word used in a lot of different ways; can be used as a compliment, insult/threat, or the verb form
Your looking sweg today ;)

I'm going to fucking sweg you

Arrrrrgh!!! I'm going to fuck the sweg out of you
by Personofinterest$ September 18, 2013
A combined fart that smells both sweaty AND eggy. It is illegal in both North America AND South America.
Example 1: Jesus, dude, that is one bad sweg!


Example 2: Eww, you just swegged!
by MOARPWEASE July 07, 2009

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