sweg is a way of life , sweg is what you earn the more cool you are
(1)dude can i use your toilet
(2) no

(2) sweg
by baruck ubamo May 17, 2015
You're too cool to use Swag so you use Sweg instead. Basically to be more cool.
Friend 1: Oh my god I'm so cool!😉
Friend 2: Yea but I be da sweg!😎
In some occasions you sound pretty damn cool, but in others... you should never have spoken!
by SwegadroneM8 April 08, 2015
1. Adjective used to describe something in a positive way.

2. Similar to swag, but not as stupid

Opposite of Sped

See also, Swegway
Dude! that shot was Sweg!
by Turt13 L3g!0n June 13, 2014
To have more swag than the normal swagger
"I have more swag than you!"
"Bro please," *whips out Obama meme* "I've got..." (long dramatic pause.) "Sweg."
by HarryStygles March 15, 2015
I got over 9000 sweg
by Pikamojo March 05, 2015
A word that is 10 times better than swag.and only real hipsters can have it. Because swag is too mainstream.
Do you have swag?
Hell naw!! I got sweg!
by Swegdolan February 25, 2015
Fake swag. Swag that is not real or not even there.
Jimmy bought those ratchet ass shoes doe. Dats just sweg bruh.
by JedSwag November 11, 2014

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