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the act of steamrolling someone (see steamroll), but it performed with the pants down and penis out. sweet-rolling maybe be done one of two ways: the first being with a limp weener to slap and inflict pain on the victim, and second, may be done with an erect penis to cause maximum humiliation on the one being sweet-rolled. the latter is often called stale sweet-rolling.
Steve: i heard Bill sweet-rolled everyone at Jim's sleepover while they were sleeping.

Ziggy: eew fuck dude. wasn't there like 14 kids at that sleepver?

Steve: yeah dude.

Ziggy: Bill's fucked up as hell.
by JakE October 22, 2006
A deliciously-sweet baked good served across all provinces of Tamriel.
"Let me guess... somebody stole your Sweet Roll?"
by Dovahkiin23 November 29, 2011