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If you're sweet for someone that just means you like them
to be sweet for you= to like you
*Jenna and Michelle are standing and talking. Jake walks up
Jake: Hey, Jenna. Do you have a ride home?
Jenna: I was going to get a ride with Michelle, but her car is kind of cramped. Do you mind?
Jake: Not at all. Come on.
Jenna: Later, Michelle!
*They walk away
Michelle: They are so sweet for each other.


Girl A: He is so sweet for you.
Girl B: What?
Girl A: He really likes you.


Boy A: I heard that girl is sweet for you.
Boy B: She what?
Boy A: They said she likes you and thinks you're cute.
by Cupidmaker October 26, 2010
Affectionate and loving in spirit for you.
That woman is sweet for you from half-way across the country.
by Enrique Wilson March 18, 2015
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