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Incorrect term for a lover of what's Swedish. The correct term is suecophile.
- What's a lover of Swedish stuff called? A swedophile?
- No, a suecophile.
by EliasG March 03, 2016
A condition where you being excited upon the mention of Sweden or Sverige as you may prefer to call it.

Althought you may still entertain a hatred of IKEA, what with it being shit. Sufferers find the clothes, culture, language, music and food sexually attractive.

Most notably are joint yearnings for both ABBA and Swedish girls in general as they are known to be both hot and easy.
Clive: Did you hear Filby's going back to Sweden again?

Derek: All that way for a handy J?
Clive: Yup
Derek: Man that guy is such a Swedophile!
by TheDominatingMC November 28, 2010
1) A person who loves Sweden.

2) A Swede who loves underage children.
He was such a Swedophile I had to keep him away from both my Volvo and my children.
by mark_california January 14, 2007
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