A sweaty betty is any hispanic person especially those who sweat alot, or work for cheap labor.
Look at all those sweaty betty's picking those onions.
by sweaty betty master January 07, 2010
Top Definition
derogatory term for a woman who perspires heavily and has awful body odour
"I was trapped in the lift this morning with an right Sweaty Betty. I could barely keep my lunch down, the stench was so bad."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
the fate suffered by females who get a sweaty vagina in anything other than crotchless clothes.
bloke 1; errrrghhhhh, what's that fishy smell?
bloke 2; it's that bird in front i bet she's got a right Sweaty Betty!
by mr pimpernell May 17, 2015
Derived from the term Betty, which refers to a hot chick. Sweaty Bettys are attractive, stylish, self confident and extremely fit. They are often seen around town either coming from or going to some sort of work out. And, they always look good doing it. A Sweaty Betty is typically a nice-looking, mature woman who is fit and therefore quite the Betty.
I'd like to train with that Sweaty Betty.
Running is more fun with a Sweaty Betty.
by Definition Darla April 16, 2010
A dirty scuzzy whore that stinks like a bloke who's just finished a 12 hour shift with no breaks in a toe clipping factory.
(Please note; it is not necessary for the dirty scuzzy whores name to Betty).
Guy 1: 'That rancid fat bird smells like shit and sweat'.
Guy 2: 'She does indeed my fellow chum. And that is why she has the title "sweatybetty". Now let us leave the vicinity never to enter the rancid slags airspace again'.
by Mikey June 19, 2006
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