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Most often found in Spain or Le Touquet in France. The offender is usually a pretentious individual who thinks he is superior to all others.

The drape effect is achieved with a cashmere sweater, preferably mustard or lemon coloured, which is neatly passed over the shoulders to be worn in a pointless but 'look at me' style.

Watch out for the 'flip' which is mastered by only the most experienced draper. This is a single motion over the head sweater drape resulting in equi-distant sleeve drop and a perfectly level rear quarter.

The sweater draper is completed by a most cocky 'swank' of a walk.
Look at that 'sweater draper' he really knows he looks the business! The mustard cashmere and navy corduroy slacks really set off his 'swank'.
by j5hrp March 22, 2011
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