Something or someone that is nice.
Hey check out that sweater! It's pretty swazy!
by Master of all that is Swazy January 08, 2006
Top Definition
GHOST, Gone, Outta here (Patrick Swazy from Ghost)
Once I bust a nut I'm Swazy.
by Bklyn JAB February 06, 2006
Adjective. Meaning to be cool, like:
1. Patrick Swazy, or
2. The combined coolness created by having crazy swag.
You: I'm inviting friend to come along.

Me: Swazy


Look at that hot guy. He's better than cool--he's swazy.
by Bexta June 07, 2013
When something is deserving of a round house kick I.E. stupid
1. You see what he just did to that old lady, that shit was swazy
2. Don't make me have to get swazy in this road house

3. Dude don't be swazy
by Racoon_kid November 30, 2011
A leisurely relaxed way to stroll. Often swaying side to side. Esp when stoned.
Once I bust a nut, I'm swazy.
Ice-T Swazy (reposession)
by CptCrunk November 29, 2004

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