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5 definitions by ikilled50cent

Marijuana from Durban, South Africa.
I just smoked some Durban Poison that my friend smuggled from South Africa. Now that is some quality weed.
by ikilled50cent April 18, 2005
156 20
Narrow-minded, limited perspective.
Blinkered people believe that George Bush Jr. is a good person.
by ikilled50cent April 02, 2005
166 56
A quality that certain 'gangstas' possess in which they can attract females with their 'gangstaness.'
Girl; check out Rakim, he's looking mighty gangstalicious
by ikilled50cent March 04, 2005
146 51
A very feared mob residing all over America. Origins are believed to be somewhere in the Bay Area, California.
The SH Mob started stealing cars on our block again; nobody can stop these Mobsters.
by ikilled50cent March 04, 2005
127 37
Marijuana from, Swaziland, a small country in southern Africa.
Roll up the Swazi in a blunt and light it up.
by ikilled50cent April 18, 2005
80 13