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-Euphoric state of delusional existence where interested parties of either sex exhibit behavior thru their actions and affections that outwardly and overtly demonstrate their desire to win the attention and affection of another. The collective efforts of a pattern of swarming can occasionally be a bit overwhelming to the receipent but generally not frightening, often flattering when done right but always ends in one or more of the swarmers getting an invitation to move on to the the level after swarming, (aka dating and more).
Example: Since her divorce Mary has been the pleasant receipent of an unusaual high degree of swarming activity. Mary is extremely flattered and assessing on a case by case basis her swarming offers.
Another example is: John who since he became a widower has decided that in his world there will be "No swarming allowed!" John wants to find his own next relationship.
by rightabouteverything January 16, 2011
A person acting out of character; to annoy or bother
TJ: Homie you swarming, fo' real homes

Teddy: You was swarming first!!!!...........tryin to take my lunch money like dat, it aint workin sucka!!!
by Icy-D August 11, 2009
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