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The steamy and often painful result of consuming spicy curries, and other diarrhea inducing Indian cuisine. This very fragrant word can be used as a verb or a noun, but it always results in the destruction of the bathroom in which it takes place.
Noun - That swaraj spit out of my asshole like venom from the fangs of a king cobra!
Verb - If I don't get to a bathroom soon, I'm going to swaraj in my trouser!
by Skinny Richard November 15, 2013
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a puny little thing that needs a tiny boost in the growing process but other than that is a nice fellow who has quite a large opinion about himself. also for further defining go to the " gnome" page.
" hes only going to be a swaraj till 10th grade, just you wait and see. "
by LOLdontkillme March 03, 2012
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