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When taking a dump, a swamp monster is when you have diarrhea with the exception of one large turd. The turd then lurks beneath your brown-green diarrhea as a swamp monster would in a swamp.
guy one: dude i had a major swamp monster today!

guy two: nuh uh dude thats sick! did you name it?

guy one: yeah..shitzilla
by leemo20 September 05, 2009
Someone so hideous that they should be banished to the sewers along with their parents who should not have brought such a monsterocity into the world and should of at least killed the child when they realised what a horrific freak of nature they were/are. If disease were a physical being, this is what they would look like.
The people working at checkout in tesco,
Phrases: ''She was a genuine swamp monster i have never seen anyone so vile''
by Charlie Finn September 17, 2007
A nasty, smelly, beast-like whore who looks like the sister of the star of 80's film classic "The Swampthing". Panic and heavy drinking always follows awakening next to this gnarly, cum-gurgling creature that is a carrier of several unknown venerial diseases.
After thowin back 16 foties of OE the night before, Tay-Tay awoke next to a swampmonster and a rashy crank.
by Cyn City June 25, 2006
A person who likes sweaty, musty, crotch on a person they are having sex with.
Don't shower before your date tonight, Mike is a swamp monster.
by Dave720 May 13, 2016
A 10 feet Dingaling that loves to do it really hard
The Swampmonster is doing it with me!!!!!
by RIPPLEDSLAYER January 15, 2015
An alcoholic beverage consisting of two thirds rum, usually Captain Morgan's, and one third creek water, preferably of the brackish variety.
Tommy puked his guts out after finishing his Swamp Monster
by S-Chow August 12, 2006
A bulging penis.
Oh my god! Josh has a swamp monster!
by mad&kat February 01, 2011
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