Intoxicated on beer/cider, white pants with black g-string riding up, with large deposits of bulging back fat, one eye closing on its own accord. Too many teeth jammed into its mouth.
Friday night in a town of 2000 people
by Sally March 18, 2004
1. Creature similar to that of a troll, with a very potent venom that secretes from the face which can be seen easily from many distances away. Sometimes known to have fits of rage, which usually go unanswered and ignored, but these frenzies are usually provoked by the Swamp Donkey's enemies. It can be seen devouring intoxicated males at your local underage bars or fraternity housing facilities. Once having lain with the beast, you will endure a lifetime of humiliation and an itchy pubic area. Avoiding contact with the wretched abomination is highly recommended, for it will attempt to suck on your face.
As legend has it, the Swamp Donkey once seduced a young African American male with her medusa-like gaze, and forced him to pleasure her on the dancefloor with crowds and crowds of people staring in agony.

2. Antithesis of everything good.
Stephanie: Did you see where the tall red headed kid I liked went?

Jacky: I think the Swamp Donkey took him home to her lair.

Stephanie: Hes never coming back alive.

Joe: Have you seen the Swamp Donkey lately?

Max: Dude, she totally just used the keg tap as a dildo, looks like we are out of beer.
by Trollerbynight February 09, 2011
noun: an old Chevy Truck, usually green in color, that most men and all women would be embarrassed to drive on a public roadway. Runs rather well for its age, but leaves much to be desired in appearance. Most often used for hauling garbage or providing heat while drinking beer in the driveway.
Doug: "Let's have a beer! I'll fire up the Swamp Donkey."
by Danatsams January 28, 2013
a swamp donkey is a really disgusting girl. usually very slutty,dirty and poor.
Jay-tee said " i hella want pussy, i think im going to call Jen."

Murphy replied " but she's a swamp donkey!"
by COBRA OPERATED June 09, 2009
Woman ranging in the 4 to 7 realm on the 10 point hot scale, that on first glance appears fuckable. However on further inspection, this girl actually has greasy skin and unfortunately when you imagine her cooch, all you can think of is a hairy, wet, swampy pit. There happens to be a queen swamp donkey, referred to as the swamp donkess. These donkeys of the swamp tend to act like cats in heat, so watch your step.
Dude, annie is such a swamp donkey!
That girl will totally swamp your donk.
by Skip Broke Nicole January 16, 2010
disgusting bitch that feeds off drunk men around 3:30 am
"oh look bill is leaving with yet another swamp donkey"

"I think its time for an intervention."
by blackassontherun December 04, 2009
Pretty much the equivalent of any girl that walks onto the set of "Jerry Springer". A woman who wears clothes that are 3 times too small,smells like she lives in a swamp, speaks like a dero and looks like a fat-ass donkey turd.
"Piss off, ya Swamp Donkey!"
by loopy_bugs January 29, 2009
This species lurks in the depths of the bar and club scene . Tell tale signs of a swamp donkey are many and varied, including the wearing of Granny underwear, tight shirts exposing their fat disgusting sloth bodies, and a face that looks like a rotten bee's nest.
damn look at that swamp donkey!
by L walk April 11, 2004
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