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to get Donaldson is to get so drunk that you cannot remember what you did that night
and caused you to take long lost walks
"Did you see that girl?"
"no what was wrong with her?"
"she was completly donaldson"
"did she go missing"
"yep did propper donaldson and didnt turn up until 4 in the morning"
by delray87 May 22, 2013
To Donaldson something is to complete a task with such veracity, that people will assume that you've either had too much coke or too many Transfushion energy drinks.
"Wow, you're house is really clean. You Donaldsoned the fuck outta the bathroom with that generic blue window cleaner. You just drink a Transfushion?" or "Man, I really love that cargo short/Sketchers combo. You really Donaldsoned that outfit. Can I get a bump?"
by PUSHY August 28, 2008
a word used to describe a fat lazy person that eats too much macaroni and cheese,and sits on his ass all day playing video games that he thinks hes pro at but really if he faced a real player he'd get screwed over.also used to describe a fat person with immense stupidity.
Greg-Brandon wouldnt come out today,he was playing video games and eating mac and cheese
Max-Damn him,hes such a Donaldson,that fat ass.
by Greg Milosevic January 06, 2007
a fat whore. who sits on the couch all day fingering herself usually with a name begining with 'h'. extreemly fat and ugly.
harriet's such a fucking donaldson, stupid scab
by hey_im_sexy February 12, 2011

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