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The swamp like feeling when your balls get sweaty.....also see swamp slap
I have swamp balls after sitting in my hot ass room!
by Tim February 09, 2004
Swamp Balls is the action of having a constipated face on because, you don't wear underwear on a hot sweaty day, and your ball-sac gets stuck to your thighs, in which you then have to put your hands down your pants and fix them nuttsssss.
Karen: Ayo Danny what's wrong, you look mad constipated.
Danny: Nahhh man, I just got Swamp Balls.
Karen: Ahhh Shit, I hate those.
by Kbeans August 09, 2009
The feeling when you nutsack is very sweaty and you cannot relieve yourself any other way than letting them catch a nice breath of fresh air
Oh Noah, I gotta bad case of them Swamp Balls
by Sweaty Ballsangna May 25, 2011
When your balls get overly sweaty on a hot day, because a person has fat thighs, or because of a lot of hair.
-Hey man, I got swamp balls. Any remedies?
-Well it ain't hot out and you skinny as hell ; trim your shit man.
by Nitti9 October 09, 2011
A bearded gnome that likes to drink beer.
Swampballs drank all our beer while we weren't looking.
by deco gecko May 28, 2009