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The swamp like feeling when your balls get sweaty.....also see swamp slap
I have swamp balls after sitting in my hot ass room!
by Tim February 09, 2004
Swamp Balls is the action of having a constipated face on because, you don't wear underwear on a hot sweaty day, and your ball-sac gets stuck to your thighs, in which you then have to put your hands down your pants and fix them nuttsssss.
Karen: Ayo Danny what's wrong, you look mad constipated.
Danny: Nahhh man, I just got Swamp Balls.
Karen: Ahhh Shit, I hate those.
by Kbeans August 09, 2009
The feeling when you nutsack is very sweaty and you cannot relieve yourself any other way than letting them catch a nice breath of fresh air
Oh Noah, I gotta bad case of them Swamp Balls
by Sweaty Ballsangna May 25, 2011
When your balls get so sweaty that they chafe and become irritated.
It was so hot at work today i got swamp balls and had to sprinkle baby powder on them to stop the pain.
by Schaeferbklyn October 06, 2015
When your balls get overly sweaty on a hot day, because a person has fat thighs, or because of a lot of hair.
-Hey man, I got swamp balls. Any remedies?
-Well it ain't hot out and you skinny as hell ; trim your shit man.
by Nitti9 October 09, 2011
A bearded gnome that likes to drink beer.
Swampballs drank all our beer while we weren't looking.
by deco gecko May 28, 2009
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