a person that has become so obsessed and fixated on having "swag" that they have become obnoxious.
"Jeff used to be cool but then he started obsessing over Wiz Khalifa and now's he's become such a swaggot."
by Jerseydevil July 02, 2012
Top Definition
Swaggot: Someone who says the word "Swag" so much that by association they're actually homosexual.
Lil Wayne: That's swag, I got mad swag yo'.

Me: You're a swaggot you fucking idiot.
by HorrorStory October 12, 2011
A person that over uses the word "swag" (regardless of Lil B or any other reason), that they become a faggot in doing so.
Swaggot: I got these swagged out shoes that are just swag

Me: Cool.....what are you doing tomorrow.

Swaggot: Going to the mall, swag swag

Me: Quit being a swaggot

Swaggot: Swag

Me: -__-
by Not a Swaggot April 16, 2011
(adj) term used for person or persons who engage in following fads to the point where they dress alike almost on purpose with limited variations to the outfit. Most commonly identified in skinny jeans or snapback hats for teams they do not follow.
That has to be the third swaggot I've seen in this mall with that same frickin snapback.
by Phoetykft November 28, 2011
95% of the people at school
"I hate school. It's so full of swaggots."
by Don Auditore September 26, 2012
A person whom is part of the new 'swag' sub-culture. They generally wear 'streetwear' brands such as Obey, and are incapable of cognitive thought.

Believed to be a corruption of the late 00's 'metro', with 'gangsta' or 'rap' culture influences, the subculture is now being used as an example by the Westboro Baptist Church in their argument against the theory of evolution.

Be cautious when approaching or conversing with 'Swaggots', as their inability to critically evaluate argument or articulate words containing more than two syllables may make conversation often degenerate into phrases which they've learnt from other 'swaggots'.

When this occurs, their actions generally revert to labelling people as 'haters' and ceasing processes requiring more brain power than basic survival instinct, poor photoshop skills and parrot-like repetition.
"Andre is such a swaggot now, all he does is wear snapbacks and post badly filtered photos with stupid phrases over them"
by Johnny Fabrizi August 08, 2012
A boy who claims to have "swag."

Can apply to those formerly referred to as "bros." Can easily be spotted wearing a tank top.
"I have so much swag."

"No you don't, you swaggot."
by postavant November 08, 2011
A way to offend someone who uses the term 'swag'.
Person: 'Oh that's like so swag man'

Dude: 'Your a swaggot'. Can be referenced to faggot
by MikeBman August 30, 2011
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