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a person that has become so obsessed and fixated on having "swag" that they have become obnoxious.
"Jeff used to be cool but then he started obsessing over Wiz Khalifa and now's he's become such a swaggot."
by Jerseydevil July 02, 2012
Vaginal Blood Chunk

One of those things that breaks loose while earning your red wings.
Denny:"Look at Scott's pants! I thought that stripper was sporting a string!"

Brandon:"Yeah, she sure left him with a VBC"
by JerseyDevil March 11, 2008
A woman inclined to accept 1,2, and 3 inputs.
Toby: That chick your talking to seem pretty cool.

JD: Oh yeah, not only is she pretty cool and funny she is quite industrious!

Toby: Oh snap! I didn't know she took it that way!
by JerseyDevil March 13, 2008

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