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A person who is a Swag Fag Buts Also A Fucking faggot that no one likes.
Space:Houston We have a Problem
Houston:Whats That

Space:We have a wild swaggit on the loose. Here listen
Swaggit: Swag YOLO Bitches. you hate me cause yo aint me
Houston:Shit Kill it with Fire
by 53r1@lv3l0c1ty May 26, 2013
A person that claims to have too much swag
Person 1: Yo dude look at how much swag i have

Person 2: Swaggit
by ManSlayr December 18, 2011
1. (v.) To purchase or generously acquire the best swag.
2. (v.) Cousin to the phrase "snag it", but of higher quality than anything snaggable.
Dude, see that sweet 50" LCD HDTV over there that comes with the Lifetime channel pre-blocked? I'm going to swaggit!
by criddar January 03, 2006
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