A person that understands the ground rules of having swag. This person can use swag in any sentence and still make sense.
Foo she rode on a giraffe, that's swaggerful.

Man swag on swag on swag, that foo is the definition of swaggerful!
by Alicia M June 30, 2011
Top Definition
To be full of or contain a notable amount of swagger, class and style.
She was sweatin' me because I'm so swaggerful.
by jamminjspitz January 06, 2010
Containing full content of Swag, in the way a person presents a noticeable content of appearance or style
Person one: Dam did you see that girl Brookie Cookie?
Person two: yeah that girl is Swaggerful especially her name.
by Rafi-Nyking January 10, 2012
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