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One who has swag. Though this is 99% determined by genetics, the other 1% of swaggerists have acquired their swag by other means such as hanging around a true, blood-born swaggerist. (While this is possible, it is also a rarity). Swaggerists are as fresh and fly as people come and exhuberate sex, beer, and partying like it's their job. Swaggerists are beautiful people and classy in any/all situations. A great example of a swaggerist in the media was Christain Bale's character in American Psycho; even when killing he always remained calm and fashionable. The only exception for swaggerists is that your name CANNOT be Dominic.
Damn, that boy has game. He must be a legit swaggerist for sure.
by mlvd742 May 25, 2010

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