1. (n.) A person who defines his swag with the excessive use of 80s and early 90s style. This is usually done by wearing skinny jeans and bright color t-shirts and group coordination.

2. (n.) A person who deliberately steals another person's style in an effort to be cool.
If someone looks like someone else that is instantly recognizable, this person is a swagfag.
by exCeLL June 02, 2009
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A kid who goes around wearing skinny jeans and snapback baseball caps hardstyle shuffling to progressive house and thinking he's Lil' Wayne. He will often be unemployed and fail at school exams because he thinks his swag will make up for it and he'll be the next popstar, when in reality he'll probably end up giving blowjobs to old men in dark alleys for his earnings and he'll be paying kids to go on his bouncy castle just to make himself feel famous.
Swagfag - "My snapback has so much swag!"
Normal person - "Fuck off and die."
by BarneyFingeredMyPetHamster November 14, 2012
One who thinks he is better than everyone else based on the amount of artificial swag he has. This annoying personality trait is coupled with his obsessive use of the phrase "swag" in situations undeseriving of that title.
"Congratulations! You aced the math exam!"

"Ugh, he's such a swag fag

"Hey Johnny you ready to go to Stop & Shop?"
(Johnny walks downstairs with skinny jeans, hightop jordans, a beater, gold chain, ears pierced, and a fohawk)
"Yeah dude, I thought I'd just dress up...grocery swag."
by squirrellover33 September 24, 2011
(Adj): A person that uses the word Swag/Swagga.. etc. && thinks its cool
2. a dumbass mother fucker that needs a life 3.a person that says "Stop trying to Jock My Swagga.
Sentence: You Are A SwagFag, Get over ur damn self already :)
by Psycho♥Rée 4.19.09 April 20, 2009
A person claming to be superior to other people because he/she (generally male) has swag. It is a disease in which a person believes by listening to rap or pop music, cussing, mis-using the English language with words such as yo, yolo, swag, homies and various forms of text talk, have little respect for women, parents, and the elderly, and normally wearing flat billed "snapback" or regular flat billed hats, along with this they wear tennis shoes/sneakers, jeans generally with holes in them (and boxers or basketball shorts underneath visable) or just basketball/athletic shorts and they may or may not wear a t-shirt depending on the season. Occassionally they where a type of open-toed shoes called "slides" with long socks and basketball shorts. Some swagfags will "sag" their pants/shorts, there are some who do not however. Swagfags also tend to have an affection for phones, whore-like females with large breasts, butts, or both, and sports or working out.
Prime examples of swagfags in popular culture are: Justin Bieber (Most notable), all members of One Direction, most male Disney stars, practically all other "boy bands" or teen pop artists. And most rappers, Drake is significantly notable for his rise of the term "yolo".
by Concerned and Competent December 15, 2012
Someone who over does the whole shoe matching socks, matching pants, matching shirt, matching hat crap.
-Guy"Hey dude, check out my brand new shoes that I will only wear once and not outside of school because they'll get dirty"
-Other Guy "That's awesome dude ! I spent 280 dollars on my new ones "
-Guy "Sweeet"

-Girl down the hall "Did you see those SwagFag's back there?"
-Friend "Yeah what a tool"
by RoVoVo June 24, 2011
Someone who's constantly talking about how much swagger they have(In reality they have none).
The Swag Fag: I have so much swag and you have none.
Opposing Person: You're such a Swag Fag!
by DictionaryCreater1838374639304 September 30, 2011
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