describing something totally awesome, cool, sweet; anything good
Wow dude, that picture is so swage.
by ActionJackson777 February 16, 2011
Top Definition
An alternate version of swag. Usually accompanied by a hashtag, swage can be used in a variety of situations, such as getting a good grade on a test or not being a colossal faggot.
"I didn't masturbate on top of a van today. #swage"

"I got my penis stuck in a shampoo bottle. #notswage"
by Ron E. Questrian April 16, 2014
Doge is to dog as swage is to swag.
Much swage. Wow. Many 520.
by absco11 September 20, 2014
To have swage one must have swag levels that are off the charts or be swagtastical.
T.I. has got swage. Gucci Mane on the other hand has retarded swag.
by NoVICE the GREENHORN NEOphyte August 19, 2011
When an individual earns an unusually high amount for their age or occupation.
Woah man, I am earning swages with this new job
by Abzadabza July 22, 2015
Origin Honduras: (1) Something so screwed, damaged or ridiculous that it becomes more funny or embarrassing than annoying. (2) A quality of work so low that it looks like an intoxicated 3rd grader did it. (3) Something that was done so poorly with the best of intentions that you could not do it as poorly if you were trying to.
(1) The removal of the nice white paint for the baby puke green was a swage idea.
(2) His spelling on the signs was so swage that I had to take a picture and post it on my face book.

(3) The Mismanagement of the whole project was swage to all who were below him.
by angry assistant August 22, 2010
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