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1. An attack because someone has too much swag; Brandon Puiu

2. Being caught up by multiple females that you talk to at once.
Brandon had a swag attack in the middle of the hallway, resulting from an access of swag.
by mrjohn1 October 12, 2011
A word used when someone is feeling an overload of confidence. It also sounds cool to shout it out on the dance floor, magically making a hoard of hot chicks swarm around you. Use it wisely.
"Someone call 911, I think I'm having a SWAG attack!"
by RABBIDKITTEH November 13, 2011
To have an abundance of swag!
"look at those kids over there, I think they are having a swagattack..... to much Swag?"

"Lilly, Conor and Gillian have so much Swag, their middle names should be Swagattack."

"Woah, look at him; he's having a swagattack day!"
by #LemonadeLovaaaaaa December 07, 2011
1. When lacking swagger due to recent events i.e layoffs, breakups, dry-spells, financial distress and lack of confidence. Can also be caused by lengthy time in between haircuts, empty tanks of gas etc.

2. Being caught up by multiple females that you talk to at once.
"Jessica realized that I was also flirting with Crystal at the club and I ended up losing both of them for the night. Those damn swag attacks are killer!"
by MrRolls_Royce November 02, 2009
When someone comes out and unleashes an attack of swag after dressing un-swag like or nerdy
Hey you see Desean over these past years he's developed a Swag Attack over these years
by Malarty June 21, 2011
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