A gold-digger in the making. Young female without a job or a low paying job with a jet setter life style on Instagram or Facebook. Getting free stuff, from dinner to trips and cloths.
How many survivors will be at your table tonight?

Are you brining any survivors on the yacht party this weekend?
by KaBo June 01, 2014
(television show) Why the world hates America.
They should make a "world" version of Survivor and just film the people in Syria.
by Nextincarnation May 12, 2013
An unspoken "game" guys play, trying to wait out other men for a chance to be alone and improve there chances to hook up with the last remaining single female at the end of the night.
Survivor is like a staring contest for sex. First to blink loses. Winner gets laid. Because if it's one thing guys know, all girls will sleep with the last man standing. It's science.
by Eastlawn November 02, 2015
Began in the 1980's to identify victims of child abuse. Used as a mean of creating a 'new identity,' other than that of 'Victim,' or 'Monster.' Also used to acknowledge what actions, coping mechanisms, behaviors one has done to survive, which might not necessarily be considered 'right, good and moral,' in a peaceful, loving and safe environment.
He was an Incest Survivor.
by anonymous October 08, 2004
A variant on the four kings drinking game, except a fucking extreme version. Cards include: Kick In The Crotch card, Three Beers Under The House card, Wet Your Pants card, Leave the Party card etc. To win the game you have to 'survive'...
1. Fuck tiddly-winks, let's play Survivor!
2. I don't think Survivor is legal, from a medical point of view
3. Scoo: "I've never seen someone attack their family and friends with flaming lawn-furniture before"
Fowler: "Well, that's Survivor for you"
by TGR Online October 01, 2009
An awesome Progressive/Arena rock band from Chicago. They're peak in popularity and album sales was between 1982 and the late 80s. The related bands in their genre are: Foreigner, Journey, and Starship. Survivor's greatest songs were: High On You, Poor Man's Son, Is This Love, Eye of The Tiger, and The Search Is Over. You must check this band out.
"Eye of The Tiger" was featured in the Rocky soundtrack. "Vital Signs" is the finest Survivor album.
by Ryan August 11, 2004
shit that doesnt go away no matter how much you flush after a crap
your girlfriend left a survivor last time you 2 came around
by ML20009 December 06, 2008

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