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the act of placing upon someone your unwanted
or semen
"Yeah Nick, i did what you told me too, i told her i wouldn't jizz on her then i surprised on that Bitch's face."
by Flamegrim July 22, 2008
euphemism for the act of rape, i.e. surprise sex; intercourse you weren't expecting to have
The diamond store billboard read, "Surprise her. She'll love it." I'm actually fairly certain she won't.
by EL January 19, 2005
Sister city located N/W of Phoenix about 20 miles. Still a boom town because of the cool shopping and upcoming state of the art movie theaters and malls. Lots of decent looking and affordable homes, but screwed up traffic.
Frank: Bill, Im moving from El Mirage to Surprise, Im sick of all the Graffiti, and gangs

Bill: Its about time ma Honkey
by Kevin Beasley November 09, 2007
1. A word commonly used to cancel the law against rape.

2. The word that you would yell before having unprotected sex.
1. A woman is walking down the street. A man jumps out of an ally, and yells "Surprise!" The woman shrugs and agrees to intercourse as this is the law.

2. Mother: Remember kids, It isn't rape if you yell surprise!

Son: Pipe down granny, I'm planning something.

Mother: What would that be-

Son: Surprise! *proceeds to rape mother*
by Sythes September 18, 2008