euphemism for the act of rape, i.e. surprise sex; intercourse you weren't expecting to have
The diamond store billboard read, "Surprise her. She'll love it." I'm actually fairly certain she won't.
by EL January 19, 2005
When one takes the action of farting but then realizes that they actually just shat themselves, thus creating the sense of being surprised.
Ray decides that it would be funny to let loose odorous gas, but then realises he shat himself in his attempt making him surprised when he discovers brown streaks lining his undergarments.
by BlackFeign March 14, 2008
Sister city located N/W of Phoenix about 20 miles. Still a boom town because of the cool shopping and upcoming state of the art movie theaters and malls. Lots of decent looking and affordable homes, but screwed up traffic.
Frank: Bill, Im moving from El Mirage to Surprise, Im sick of all the Graffiti, and gangs

Bill: Its about time ma Honkey
by Kevin Beasley November 09, 2007
1. A word commonly used to cancel the law against rape.

2. The word that you would yell before having unprotected sex.
1. A woman is walking down the street. A man jumps out of an ally, and yells "Surprise!" The woman shrugs and agrees to intercourse as this is the law.

2. Mother: Remember kids, It isn't rape if you yell surprise!

Son: Pipe down granny, I'm planning something.

Mother: What would that be-

Son: Surprise! *proceeds to rape mother*
by Sythes September 18, 2008

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