Sister city located about 20 miles n/w of Phoenix
You live in Surprise? Is that a city? or a joke?
by Kevin Beasley November 18, 2007
When you stand up after taking 3 sips from a drink and vomit all over the living room
I just puked everywhere surprise!
by besse92 May 09, 2011
1.To strike with wonder or amazement especially because unexpected

2. To spread ones cheeks to present ones anus to unspected on lookers.
I suddenly lost my appitite, upon getting suprised by Bob.
by Evan February 09, 2004
an exclamation used in the game Mario Kart 64; best used when imitating Wario/Mrs. Hasz (typical mom)' voice
Surprise!!! I surprised you by hiding behind that corner in that building in that arena in that multiplayer mode in that Mario Kart 64.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
a fart with a lump or sauce following it out
Shit man I got to change my underware I farted and got a surprise.
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
when the girl you are fucking realizes your condom broke and you yell SURPRISE!!
last night the condom broke while i was scroggin marry and i yelled SURPRISE!!!
by hotdiddydog November 10, 2006
When one takes the action of farting but then realizes that they actually just shat themselves, thus creating the sense of being surprised.
Ray decides that it would be funny to let loose odorous gas, but then realises he shat himself in his attempt making him surprised when he discovers brown streaks lining his undergarments.
by BlackFeign March 14, 2008

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