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(1) Noun. A common Indian name

(2) Adj. A teen slut. A whore. A bimbette. A multi-timer

(3) Adj. Deceptive, Cunning, Sly, Weak puss
That Ms. Kashyap is such a surabhi, she slept with her pimp.

God surabhied man into being.

Growing horniness has made rebeca a big surabhi.
by jackissback November 27, 2011
It is an Indian name which basically means the fragrance of a flower. Comes from indian poetry.
Surabhi is pronounced Surby.

Most Surabhi's are very successful in life, are smart in their own way,and make great friends.
Surabhi smells good!
by Yogi Bear 10021 May 25, 2007
Ultimate gangster.
That girl is such a Surabhi!
by Jane P. Socho December 03, 2010