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Same as "Sure".
"It's been a great evening, Laurie. You're SURS you won't let me pick up the tab?" (Watchmen, No.1, 1986)
by Sefert July 17, 2013
the French word meaning: on top of
Sur la voicon! : On top of your neighbor!
by karatepunch1996 October 27, 2009
The biggest and baddest side in the whole mothafuckin west coast bitches..
Them lame ass busters an mayates aint got shit on us we be blasting them niggas Surside X3 be controlling up in this shit...
if your from the southern part of Bakersfield cali ur considered as a sureno. and any lame ass busters below that line get 1 to the chest and 3 to the motherfuckin head.
by southsiders delight March 10, 2005
Not only does "SUR" relate to the Mexican-American inhabitants of southern California, or Surenos, it also can be an accronym for "Soldier Under Restriction". A "Soldier Under Restriction" is usually a gangmember, or ex gangmember, that has been arrested and incarcerated. Tatoos of "SUR" are commanly found on these individuals.
I'm a SUR in the San Louis Abispo Prison.
by Adarkpassenger March 08, 2008
How people in certain parts of England say the word "so"
Errr my God, its sur cold!
by Bellsh July 10, 2008
We straight southsidin low ridin til the day we dyin! Steady steppin like a full sureno thug grey and blue...
Best bitches ever, straight up for the Raza... Puro Blue
by x3lightershadeofbrownx3 February 05, 2005
a fucken as bitch gang that the girls are fucken more of a man then the guys they mostly end up dead by nortenios also refered to swer rats craps an pinche scrapas
look at those fags sayin sur pinche scraps ima kill u all
by . Snoopy J.r : : April 11, 2008