sur what SUR mainly stands for.Its the blue wearing thugs that be representing daily,we have a problem we handle it quick,hiting up all these chapetes with a gun in our waist,knocking chapetes of there shoes,Creeping slow with bandanas and locs.

SUR is made up of Chicanos in the Southerner part California SUR in english meaning the word SOUTH.
nortenos-oh shit! look at the SURenos!lets run before they kcick our asses!!!!
by KILLS August 16, 2006
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1.The southern part of California and other states inhabited by Surenos.
2. 13
Some Surenos encountered a Norteno and blasted his ass!
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
SUR can be an acronym which stands for Southern United Raza or it's a spanish word which means "the South"... as in Southern California. Mostly in relation to Southern California Latin gangs.
"Fuck the buster ass north! It's all about the Sur side!!"
by RBixby April 21, 2006
Steven's Untitled Rock Show
one of the best shows on Fuse TV

Did you watch SURS yesterday?
by Constance Abram May 24, 2008
South or southside
by Mark April 14, 2003
Lazy man's way of saying "serious". Can be used in the same terms as ferl and word
girl 1: "I went out on a date last night with John"

girl 2: "SURS?"
by ilene s August 02, 2008

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