Toyota's greatest achievement, the Supra remains one of the hottest and most beloved import sports cars of all time.
Beginning life in 1981, the Supra was born as the Celica Supra: a high performance and sportier derivative of Toyota's Celica liftback. It contined to share the Celica name until 1986.5, when the name split and Supra became a car of it's own.
Along with cosmetic re-designing and a new chassis, the 1986 Supra was equiped with Toyota's 7mge engine, producing about 200hp. But in 1987, the Supra turbo hit the streets, with Toyota's 230hp 7mgte. Options available were TEMS suspension system, a limited slip differential and headlight washers. Also available was a sunroof option or removable targa top.
1989 saw the arrival of the Supra GT, with the twin turbo 1ggte engine, however lower hp ratings due to a smaller displacement.
May 1993 was the date of Toyota's newly re-designed Supra, combining power and luxury. Early models were equiped with 1jzge or 1jzgte engines, but it was the 2jz that imortalized Supra's title as the most powerful stock import sports cars to ever be sold in the US. At 320 hp, it's top speed was governed at 155 mhp...however earlier track tests prior to it's release had the Supra running at speeds excess of 180 mhp.
1998 was the last year for the Supra in the US, due to the increasing demand for SUVs instead of sports cars.
Supra belongs to the high end group of japanese sports cars, such as the Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi 3000GT and the Nissan Skyline GTR. It is Supra and Skyline that are always competeing for the #1 ranking, however neither one can seem to out-do the other.
It is rumored that Supra is scheduled for return...
"That damn Supra just raped that Honda on the 1000km run." or "Holy shit! That Supra just flattened my dog!"
by SupraCharlie August 22, 2004
its on a whole other level then super.
im super excited about tomorrow.
will im supra exited bitch.
by charliethefuckinunicorn March 22, 2009
a guy that is more ADD about his shoes than a chick.
person 1: Oh, sorry I stepped on your shoes dude
person 2: DUDE! WTF?
person 1: God, you're such a supra, stfu...
by caliboy95 August 01, 2011
A word depicting an alpha-male, or someone possessing strong, superhuman or powerful qualities. Often used to describe a person displaying other notable characteristics including bravery, perseverance, determination or good leadership skills.

The word is pronounced {Sup-Rah}. Rather than the more widespread association of {Soup-Rah} used for the Toyota motor company. It is most commonly attributed to British slang; originating in Scottish suburbs the term has become widespread in Scottish schools but, for the most part, has not branched out to international countries.
Example 1.

Girl: "Did you see Tom; leaped over that pile of dog-muck like a total supra".

Example 2.

Boy: "That paint-ball match was intense, and the guy in first place was on fire; using his body like a tank to charge through our defenses. Oblivious to the pain and sting of the direct-shots. What a supra!".

Example 3.

Boy: "Seriously? Teacher... these questions are too difficult. I'm no supra: I can't even figure out the first one about quadratic equations".
by d3v0ur April 08, 2011
Slang used by modelxcore and scene girls meaning:
super, uber, over excessive, so very, etc

"that's supra hot"
"your hair is supra fucking cute today"
"Her hair has supra colors in it"
by prioska ninotchka January 02, 2006
A hefty piece of shit any douchebag can buy for a couple hundred dollars.
Douchebag Supra Enthusiast: "Oh man is that a Supra?"

Friend who thinks Supra's are gay cause they are: "yeah, it is."

Douchebag Supra Enthusiast: "I wonder how much that vessel is selling for? (Looks at for sale sign, then creams in pants) $400! OH MAN! I'm buying this fucker so I can race Mustangs and get my ass kicked."
by Funnyman121 September 10, 2008
Rice Rocket. Images of them are used as the Personal Picture for many azns using MSN Messenger.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 10, 2003
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