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A rear wheel drive sports car made by Toyota, There were four generations of Supra produced, The most famous version of the Supra is the fourth generation. From the factory, Fourth generation Supra's were fast cars in their time, and were produced with overbuilt 3.0 litre inline six motors in Twin turbocharged and Naturally aspirated forms. Although, The fourth generation Supra's are potentially fast cars, The majority of modified fourth generation Supra's are owned by rich retards with more money than brains and normally produce mass amounts of power and the majority of which can't actually be put to the ground to make itself usefull. Though, Not to say Supra's can't be fast cars, Just that the majority of them are built to be dynoed and not actually raced. Unfortunately though, Fourth generation Supra's are immensly overhyped on the internet by twelve year old ricers who can't actually drive themselves.
Yo dude. Supras r fukin sick dude. nothing else can fukin compare man, when i grow up, im gona have a twin turbo supra with nos!.

Dat Car is fuken gay, It dident beat dat Supra, the Supra wasent even fukin tryin.

"Whats the difference between a 400 horsepower Supra and an 800 horsepower Supra?, Nothing, They both run 12's"
by Fujifilm May 21, 2007

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