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A band formed by Phil Anselmo taht combines Thrash Metal with Punk,Fast and Fucking brutal.
If i could fuck Superjoint Ritual's music it would be swollen everyday.
by ob.Maximus November 13, 2004
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1.shitty band that has no rythm.

2.Uses Phil Anselmo's celebrity to make up for their lack of instrumental talent.

3. All noise,no music
#1: The cd player's skipping!

#2: No it's just playing a track from the superjoint ritual cd.
by Phil's a faggot June 09, 2004
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A horrible experiment in which it was discovered that otherwise talented musicians could create really shitty music. Phenomenal albums if what you like is really fast songs with no apparent melody because lisening to d-tuned garbage played at 166 bpm makes you "hardcore."
"Hey, I want to get back at my more talented friends for being more talented than I am. How can I make a total embarrasment out of myself?"
"Get all these great musicians together, record a really crappy album, and sell it through Wal-Mart. And use a really stupid band name - Superjoint Ritual sounds good. If that doesn't show the world what a turd you are, then nothing will."
by R_Remi December 21, 2006
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