beanie wearing, salad tossing, non-mormon with very gay tendencies.
"Super fag totally just checked out my ass!"
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who really likes the penis. A flaming homosexual that would suck anyone for anything. Usually a male.
"mike lang is a superfag, he clearly likes the male anatomy more than the female anatomy. He is an an incredible douche who needs to get a life"
by Quarzeq October 31, 2009
Function: noun
Etymology: Nietzsche: The Super+man 1880à Super=Fag 1998. Derived from a literature character of same name, 1998.

1: A Gay muscle man that gets irate and fights. The character usually fights for himself instead of others.
Superfag was ambushed in the restroom—he smashed the assailants into porcelain, and marked their asses before leaving. Superfag is near invincible.
by Nco November 17, 2003
any asshole who imagines themselves to be cool or "roxxor" when in fact they are creepy and mildly retarded.

see also creepy
by WinkBinkleman December 30, 2003
An over the top flamboyant gay man who could not think straight if he tried. Anything, and everything, revolves around being a fag.
I was having a great time at the bar dancing with my friend John and his friend (who is gay), but then John's super fag friend demanded to go to this gay strip club and said this bar was super lame. On the way out the super fag mentioned something about being around too many breeders.
by LL's office November 07, 2010
Superfag (noun), like a fag, cept super, think pink tights, purple cape and purple y fronts worn on the outside of the tights
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
He has three women going through menopause trapped inside his body, which explains his effeminate proclivities. (ie, wearing daisy dukes)
Everyone hates superfag because he's a jerk-off with deplorabe fashion taste and he doesn't know how to count.
by Shawn B. October 16, 2003
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