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1. an icon, a superstar in entertainment, may or may not have sex appeal.

2. a song by the Canadian band Rush, about such people. Found on the band's 1989 album Presto.
1. these days anybody can be a superconductor, even you! Even me!

2. ... watch her every move
she can manipulate reaction
watch her every move

... fantasy for sale
by Starpunk November 23, 2006
A superconductor is one blessed with the skill, to conduct muktiple ensembles, simultaeneously. The record for the most ensembles conducted, simultaeneously, is 5, by mr J----s. The record of most ensembles conducted by any organism, is 11, by o---a the octopus. However this claim has been disputed, as 4 of these ensembles consisted of several marine creatures, whilst 4 of the human ensemble, got hopelessly lost by his rather erratic conducting
Tom: Mr Jarvis ain't a conductor!
Will: Huh?
by just_me_then December 02, 2010
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