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Came to light when James Corden appeared on the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1.

He explains that his favourite new saying is, 'supercalifrag'.
It is used when something is really good.
A reply could be, 'expialidosh', also meaning really good/amazing.
Dave, 'That T-Shirt is supercalifrag'
Bob, 'Wow thanks'


Dave, 'That gig was supercalifrag'
Bob, 'Yeah it was expialidosh'
by Flexxii October 01, 2009
If something is really great and you feel the only way to expain how great it is, is to say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, but you also feel the word is too long to use in your sentence. Therefore the word is simply shortened...
Bob - "MATE, I just won £1000 on a scratchcard!
Billy - "Wow man, thats Supercalifrag!"

Bob might also reply to Billy with "Yeah man, Expialidosh!"
by Ronnie85 September 25, 2009

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