The ugliest popular children's show to ever exist. Really, REALLY unintelligent, lazy, tasteless, and just altogether awful. If I ever meet the makers of Super Why, I will personally attempt to destroy them. Also, they butcher every classic book and fairy tale to death.

Just because something is for kids does not mean that it can be total crap, even in the name of educating them. The only reason children's shows get away with being the laziest, most unintelligent, and most horribly-written things on TV is because the creators of the show know they can get away with not trying, and the kids won't notice. Of course, many tasteless adults also defend the shows, due to the adults' inability to recognize effort and dignity. A general rule of thumb: if you wouldn't enjoy it as an adult, then kids shouldn't watch it either. Plenty of dignified adults love The Magic School Bus. Think about that for a while.
Person 1: Hey, Super Why! is on! My kids love that show!

Person 2: OMFG, that is the UGLIEST and most embarrassing thing I've ever seen. Teletubbies and Barney the Dinosaur are for more dignified than that piece of crap!
by MTPrower December 25, 2011
Top Definition
a TV show where four storybook characters and children and children at heart who watch the show from home go into storybooks to find answers to the main characters' problems by looking for Super Letters that go into the Super Duper Computer that will eventually give the answer to said character's problem or question. First, Wyatt appears on a library bookshelf and tells the people watching that he's glad they're here. Then, he opens the door and they go into Storybook Village, his hometown. Then, while he carries the Super Duper Computer with him, he looks to see which character has a problem that needs to be solved today. If it's Pig, Red, or Princess Pea, he goes straight to their homes to see what's wrong, If he has the problem, he sees what happens at his house. After, he calls the Super Readers, along with the kids at home, and after everyone says their names, he tells the kids to say their names. Then, they go into the Book Club, and if the other characters have problems to state, he tells them to state their problems. If he has the problem, Pig, Red, or Princess Pea tells him to state his problem. Then, they find a book with characters who have similar problems to their own. Then they transform into Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Princess Presto, Super Why, and Super You, and everyone says their powers, and Wyatt says Super You's power as well as his own. Then, they go into the books to find the answers and go back to the club. Then, after they go back to the Book Club, Wyatt, Super Why's real name, tells the people at home to read the letters of the answer with him, and the answer appears. Then, after Wyatt asks why the answer is what it is, either he, Peterfore Pig, Red Riding Hood, or Princess Pea tells what the characters in the books they visited did to make the answer that.Then, everyone else tells the character with the question to do just what the character in the books they visited who have smiliar problems to theirs did to solve theirs.
I liked how the "Super WHY!" versions of the stories got changed when the characters gave the excuse "It says so in my story" when they are asked why they did the things they did in the original versions. I especially liked it when Red Riding Hood told the wolf who tricked her to stop tricking her and her grandmother, Princess Pea's mother ate the pea that was poking her so she could sleep, Tom Thumb got tall, and the shoemaker met his secret friends. It was especially great when they changed the Cinderella story where she stayed at the party when her clothes changed to rags again and the prince wanted to dance with her instead of her stepsisters.
by Karen Stickney January 12, 2008
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