1) The original side-scrolling platformer game, which involves two stoned plumbers trying to get laid, by taking shrooms and flowers. They have to kill little lizard people, chicken nugget people, and turtles.
2) Song written by Benefit.
1) Super Mario Bros is the best game ever man, what was I talking bout again?
2) Save the princess quick...
by Hall Monitor Suze June 19, 2005
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The greatest game of all time. Not an RPG (really poor game), like all current Mario Games, but instead a side-scroller. You pressed a button to jump and another to run + use your flower to make fire. Featured Mario & Luigi. I tried to stay as unbiased as possible, but no one (except for an idiot) can deny the greatness of Super Mario Bros.
I really want to play Super Mario Bros. again.
by http://pnet.clicdev.com June 14, 2004
One of the best games of all time. It orginally came out as a launch title for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in October of 1985. Over the years it has become one of the most famous video games of all time, and thus began the "Mario" game series. It 2004 it was re-released on the Game Boy Advanced as part of their "Classic NES Series" games.
Without Super Mario Bros., the gaming industry might not exist today.
by NateAbel January 16, 2005
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