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A raucous bowel movement experienced the day after the Super Bowl due to consumption of large amounts of chili, hot wings, and beer.
Dave, I had a Super Bowel this morning... no more buffalo wing hot sauce for me.
by californiatoilet February 07, 2010
It's like the Super Bowl, only with feces.
Wow, the burrito supreme treated me to an outstanding super bowel. Bruce Springsteen even performed at the half!
by Navin1 February 01, 2009
What happens after one over-eats at a Superbowl party.
After Johnny's superbowl party, Bobby had a serious case of superbowel.
by why are all the others chosen? February 06, 2011
when you eat so much junk food/ drink so much beer during the Super Bowl that you have a bowel movement equivalent to nuclear diarrhea
Dad: Son, where have you been? You missed Bruce Springsteen!

Son: Shit! It cause I drank too much and got the Super Bowels during the second quarter!
by Ryan Coconut February 01, 2009
In intellectually anatomy, that part of the info-testine or cognitive canal used to eliminate the promotional crap ingested in the week prior to the Super Bowl.
The sheep commercial totally bahhhhh-ked up my super bowel.

Overloading your super bowel by watching all of the commercials can result in a Harry Popper which can be extraordinary, outrageous and odoriferous.

The effect of the car commercials was a defect in my super bowel which caused it to uncontrollably speed up and slow down until I eventually lost control resulting in a informational defecation which was beyond a recall.

I experienced an adverse reaction when my super bowel became inflamed from over ingestion of the parasites personalized marketing, permission marketing, and mass customization resulting in a severe case of commercialenteritis or consumer flu.
by wardfromoz February 06, 2010
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