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In intellectually anatomy, that part of the info-testine or cognitive canal used to eliminate the promotional crap ingested in the week prior to the Super Bowl.
The sheep commercial totally bahhhhh-ked up my super bowel.

Overloading your super bowel by watching all of the commercials can result in a Harry Popper which can be extraordinary, outrageous and odoriferous.

The effect of the car commercials was a defect in my super bowel which caused it to uncontrollably speed up and slow down until I eventually lost control resulting in a informational defecation which was beyond a recall.

I experienced an adverse reaction when my super bowel became inflamed from over ingestion of the parasites personalized marketing, permission marketing, and mass customization resulting in a severe case of commercialenteritis or consumer flu.
#info-testine #cognitive canal #superbowel #commercialenteritis #consumer flu #super bowl
by wardfromoz February 06, 2010
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