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A new string of AIDS so deadly that a mere teaspoon will kill you in 3 years. It cannot be treated.
"Dude, I heard that John recently got Super Aids." "Wow, he's a dead man walking."

"Ghost don't exist and there's nnothing to be afraid of. Except Super AIDS."
by Jesu Q. Scuzzlebutt July 07, 2006
a new form of aids that is stronger then the previous form hence the term super aids
1: gina has super aids
2: super aids? how that different from regular aids?
1: idk, alls i know is you cant throw a t.v. at her to fix it
by mike February 24, 2005
Super Aids, first discovered in July 2009, is a mutation of Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome far more aggressive and harmful than previous strands of AIDS. It has displayed the ability to be transferred by carriers who do not feel any ill effects, and can be released by airborne, oral intake, or via sexual contact. Since it's first discovery in Indiana, individuals with symptoms of the disease have been identified in California, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Washington D.C., New York, and Illinois.
Garrett contracted super aids after drinking after Kat at the party last night.
by kmay2 December 12, 2009
Name of a disease given to a person who asked for medical advice on an internet message board
"You say you got a sore throat, warm forehead, and are throwing up every 2 minutes, yup, thats superaids"
by CAK757 November 06, 2007
A disease that you usually get when you have to go to school, work, or any other event you cant stand. Super-Aids is a very special disease, because when you have it you feel so sick that you cant go to work, school etc., but it also only lasts as long as your unintentional event lasts.
Why havent you been in school today?" - "I couldnt, Super-Aids, you know? But im alright now, so lets go out and do something.
by S.A.L.T.M.A.N. May 30, 2011
Which can only be obtained by being raped by two gay men in THA BUTT HOLE then having fun with a downtown hooker who's cheaper than the clothes she is wearing. Consisting of all sexual contracted diseases.
I was having a great night till' those assholes gave me Super Aids.
by SleepingDante October 25, 2010
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